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Brickphone week

Feb 8, 2020

Brickphone weeks are 5 to 7 day periods where I only use a dumb phone.

In other words, to spare my neck and spine the constant unhealthy downward postures I’m electing to detox from the uppity-interruptity world of smartphones and look ahead and around instead of down. Do people watching IRL instead of through a 6.1 inch box. Some say the FOMO caused by notifications is also making them a bit anxious so there’s that too.

Ugh. Fine. How do I reach you?

Call me (duh).

Text me (SMS still works). I’ll also be checking emails, Facebook, and other things on my computer but don’t expect that to be regular or timely.


Requires a smartphone to use even on computer so, no, not going to be available on WhatsApp at all during these weeks.

Show me the phone.

This is the majestic 16,99€ Nokia 105 I will be using during these periods.

Nokia 105 (2017)