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Why so ugly, I thought you were a web developer?

Well, I've been reading a fair amount of and tend to agree with pretty much everything the man has to say about blog size. Ultimately, you're not reading this for presentation but content. Granted, the content should be easy to read and accessible but I believe the tiny stylesheet accomplishes this. Considering how my eyesight has been degrading, I'm rather fond of the large fonts. I'm also looking forward to testing this with a screen reader. Curious if Siri or Alexa could "read" my website. Regardless of how backwards the web is today, it is actually still pretty easy to make your content accessible to all.

Since none of the blogs I ever start seem to survive it's perhaps time for a novel approach. I've set up a FreeBSD machine to run this (and to experiment with FreeBSD) as it seems BSDs make me more confident they'll run without much maintenance. At least that one OpenBSD machine I use has been very true to form so far. So, instead of maintaining some fat system I'm just running a stripped down nginx serving plain HTML files. I write this all down in Markdown files and use a 4-line shell script to wrangle the whole thing together. For whatever reason it is way more fun than Wordpress, Ghost, or any of those clicky-clickies. No database, no search (use duckduckgo), no comments, none of that superfluous stuff. Pure written thought, there to steal your focus and time.

There isn't even an SSL certificate. No need to install those 65 or however much certbot dependencies. There's a little crossed out padlock in the address bar signaling you shouldn't do transactions on my website. Correct - you shouldn't. I'm not a bank, I'm a programmer.

Simplicity is liberating.