Brickphone week

8 Feb 2020

Brickphone weeks are periods where I use a so-called dumb phone exclusively.

Time spent on a smartphone is usually unproductive and unrewarding, and there have been very few occasions where, to quote Marie Kondo, it sparked joy. Also, most of these occassions were something a simpler device could handle.

Modern smartphones’ apps have made life more convenient at the price of more surveillance and less privacy. Some of it for capitalist reasons, some of it for defense of the homeland, some of it for power and control over people.

In any case, these apps and devices are increasingly being built on a foundation of addictive-behavior research and seem to be detrimental to our health. So, I’ll just disconnect every once in a while and try to use my time in more rewarding ways.

That said, I for one am looking forward to the day when PinePhone or similar projects will be able to replace these devices.

So, how can I reach you during these days?

Your best bet is to simply call me but an SMS or email would work too (personally, I’d prefer an email, provided it’s not something urgent). I will do my best to indicate these via autoresponders or IM statuses.

Show me the phone?

This is the majestic 16,99 € Nokia 105 I will be using during these periods.

Nokia 105 (2017)